Have you seen creepy, scary, yet cool and amazing mentalists?

Ha! You must have heard Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass of THE CLAIRVOYANTS! Last year’s 2nd place winner in this biggest talent show in the world, the America’s Got Talent.

Van Tass and Ten were awarded “The German Champions of Mentalism,” “Magicians of the Year 2015,” and, also in 2015, were enthusiastically chosen as the “World Champions of Mentalism,” a prize that hasn’t been awarded in 30 years. (More about “The Clairvoyants” here)

These mentalists who are natives of Austria will come and visit in Modesto, California to give a hair-raising show at the Gallo Center For The Arts next week, March 30, 2017.

And yes, we just got our tickets to see them. We’re going to be in the orchestra front, and seriously, it scares me right now! LOL!
It’s weird right, when you know that they’re creepy and cool, yet you still want to see them and watch their act, and now, they’re going to be in front of us! Wooh!

Want to watch them with us?

Get your tickets here, you still have time!

And if you want to experience how it really feels watching them, here’s an act that they did during their AGT journey.

Did you feel the chills? Haha! Check out their Live Performances, who knows, they might be their already, next to your house (okay Gerome, that sounds creepier).

Check out their LIVE PERFORMANCES near you!

For those who will watch them at the Gallo, we’ll see you there!