“G&D, why are you guys blogging?”

As a gay couple, David and I have set some goals, and with planning we have turned our dreams into action.

Yes, it is your dream and your goal to be happy, but what is it that makes you happy?
Consider your happiness…at the end of the day you might wanna ask yourself, “Why am I happy like this?”, “What’s the reason for this happiness?”.

Well, here are the reasons why we started this blog, we hope that these could help you:

1. We want to travel together and go to different places together…

Yeap! This was our first dream from the moment we met. This started when we spent our time together in El Nido, Palawan for 5 days. David and I started dreaming about traveling to different places, and we ensured each other that we would make plans together for these dreams to come true.

Planning is very important. Your dreams will just stay dreams if you do not put any actions to them.

This year, we have already planned to have vacation together in 2 places, and we will see if we can plan more, considering time and money…

TIME, since both of us have full-time jobs right now, we need to request for leave ahead of time.

MONEY, well, it means we need to save for those vacations so we can get the cheapest flights & hotel accommodations, and to have pocket money for food and any other stuff.

2. We want to experience living in one place for like 6 months or so…

Oh wow! Yes, it sounds scary right? But then again, this is what we want, and it sounds fun for the two of us. 🙂

Like the other travelers or travel bloggers out there, most of them do have other sources of income to do this.

What I have learned is that, some of them are doing volunteer work in such places so they can stay there for a long period of time.

They’re also doing online jobs or work-at-home jobs.

Others are teaching English Language in exchange for food or shelter.

Most of them, their travel blogging lifestyle is already their source of income. And there’s a lot of things that you can do so you can stay in that place for awhile.

Learning these things from these bloggers that we’re following, David and I are seeing the possibilities of how we can do this 2nd reason. (We’re crossing our fingers.)

3. We want to work with some volunteer outreach programs and help families who need help…

We were inspired to do this by Angel Rhayne, a friend of mine in the Philippines.

She’s part of this non-profit organization called “Make A Change PH”, a group of warmhearted people working and sharing their skills, with the same aim, to help and give kindness to others.

This group started working with some toy collectors and outdoor clubs so they could reach their aim to be stronger and to reach more people.

(Check their Facebook Page here to see what they have done already and their plans for the future.)

G&D is looking forward to doing wonderful things like this, or even to be part of such an organization like Make A Change PH.

| Check out our first charity event here with Make A Change PH |

4. We want to inspire other LGBTQA family, as an old & young couple…

David and I just want to share with everyone, especially to our LGBTQA family, that even though we’re one of the “older and younger” couples out there, David and I still have the hearts of loving and caring human beings like you. We want to share our good vibes with everyone, and inspire one person at a time.

We love each other, in good and in bad times. We always stay positive as long as we can, and we’re not letting negative vibes break us apart.

Love is powerful, and in tough times, we always know deep in our hearts and in our minds that love is the reason why we’re together.

Doing this blog like this, will help us find ourselves, and it will also show each other the love and trust we have for each other.

So for everyone, single or in a relationship, married or not, straight or part of the LGBTQA community…always work on your dreams, add some action to those dreams, then set them as goals. Always add positive energy in every step that you’re making.

You only have 24 hours in a day, if you notice that you’re in a negative situation, don’t stay there for awhile and don’t leave—fix it. Take a risk. Because at the end, it will be worth it.

How about you?

What’s your dream? Have you turned it into goals yet?

Share your stories. Think about what Charles de Lint said…