It was a great weekend getaway, birthday celebration, and a husband-and-I time that really enjoyed. Road trips are always fun. Planning to stay in a cabin, nearby this mother nature place where the river meets the ocean, yes, that’s where we went last weekend. Jenner, California, where the Russian River meets the ocean.

It’s for my birthday. Yeah! Another year of my life. Another blessing, moments, challenges, people, experiences, and a lot of stuff that I encountered for that year. Looking forward to many more.

David and I love beaches. Sound of the sea waves, splash of water, waves hitting those big rocks, birds flying above the sea, clear sky with that sun smiling on us, those things that God made for us, we so love those. And we love to share, that every time we go somewhere, the weather is always perfect. So far, yes, it’s kinda’ like that. Fingers crossed, hope it will not be bad on our next big trip.
For our new category page, “Phone-ography”- well, for sure you know what it means. Photos which are taken by our smartphones. Yeah, it’s not that professional or whatsoever. But, the reason I made this is that, David and I are just like you. You might be a professional photographer with 8-10 lenses for your camera, but we’re pretty sure that you also have a smartphone.

What I’m just trying to say is that, David and I love to take photos from our phones. Whenever we see a perfect view captured by our eyes, we will stop at that moment, enjoy the view, then after a minute or two, we will grab our phones and capture that moment, just like what most people are doing nowadays with their phones, just like you.

For our first post here, let David and I share these photos that we captured by our phones when we were at the Russian River. Enjoy viewing!

Little picnic from our lunch bag. We were playing with the seagulls, too.
Don’t worry, we ensured that we didn’t leave any trash there.

And those crazy waves were so calming to watch. Might as well take a selfie with them.

Location: Russian River – Jenner, California
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