Hello to our lovely viewers!

From our family, friends, friends of friends, virtual friends, all types of friends- David and I just want to say hi to you all, and we want to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING US, AND WE LOVE YOU ALL, TOO!”.

Since I started this blog last January 14th, I’ve been learning a lot in blogging. Of course, by means of searching the internet, thanks to Google. Plus, people from different blogging groups that I am meeting, virtually.

Experienced a lot of things, especially being blocked by someone I don’t know on Twitter and Facebook (shout out to this person *wink); messaged by different people just to say that for some reasons, they couldn’t follow my accounts. I respect that, because I believe that you cannot please anyone to like you, right?

And that’s better instead of blocking you on different social media accounts by someone you don’t know. LOL! Like what I always tell to myself, “Gerome, move on.”, then raise your right eyebrow and chin up.

Okay, this post is about my success in this blog. Yeah! I believe I succeeded something. I’m positive!

Yesterday, April 23rd, marked my 100th-day of blogging. So, I’m proud to share the insights and achievements that I gained on my first 100 days.

1. Pageviews
-14, 353 site visits

2. Post Shares

3. My Top 3 Blog Posts
1) 4 Reasons To Blog – (Why G&D is blogging)
2,028 Views – 128 Shares

2) 13 Great Tools In Blogging
1,661 Views – 128 Shares

3) LDR is Real
1,238 Views – 90 Shares


For our social media followers, I was able to get more followers. Instagram is my favorite, Facebook Page is second, then Twitter and YouTube are still in progress.

Instagram- (www.instagram.com/gdblogsite)
1,400 and counting

Facebook Page- (www.facebook.com/GDBlogsite)
750 and counting

Twitter- (www.twitter.com/gdblogsite)
700 and counting

YouTube- (www.youtube.com)
19 Subscribers **cry

Brand Backer
Tomoson (just learned about this yesterday)
I hope that my goals from the list of blog prompts that I made, will be written and posted here. And I hope that this blog will still grow.

And this is my first blog report for my first 100 days contributing in the blogosphere. It’s a hell of a fun ride, I should say. Again, I keep on learning and enjoying everything in blogging. Sharing experiences of David and I, reading posts from other bloggers out there, and making some sort of cute and networks with them.

Thank you very much again to all of you.
Keep spreading LOVE!

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