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My Top 6 Inspirations- Best Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Blog

My Top 6 Inspirations (Best Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Blog) It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote something bloggable! You must be noticing that I am not writing that much and I’m just so active on our social media like on our Facebook Page, especially on our Instagram Stories. I know, I know, this is our travel diary online. But I’m having fun actively sharing what we are doing and what we are achieving thru our social media accounts, like our first-ever paid collaboration with Go Customized who gave us free phone cases that we customized,...

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Blog Report (My First 100 Days in Blogging)

Hello to our lovely viewers! From our family, friends, friends of friends, virtual friends, all types of friends- David and I just want to say hi to you all, and we want to say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING US, AND WE LOVE YOU ALL, TOO!”. Since I started this blog last January 14th, I’ve been learning a lot in blogging. Of course, by means of searching the internet, thanks to Google. Plus, people from different blogging groups that I am meeting, virtually. Experienced a lot of things, especially being blocked by someone I don’t know on Twitter...

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LDR is Real

Today, I remember my first days here in California to be with my husband, David. From my arrival, to meeting his dogs, Vita and Smeagle, and meeting his family & friends. I arrived last year on the night of January 16th, my husband put a ring on it when we saw each other at the airport. With his board written with the hashtags that were created for us to be together… #LDR #LDRisSoF*&ki#Real (sorry for the term) #LastBabyStep #Yogibear (that’s David) #BooBoo (and that’s me) #stayhappy #stayblessed #lovewins That’s a lot for hashtags right? LOL. Oh well, i thought...

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About G&D

G & D, an older and younger gay married couple, who shares their stories and experiences, thoughts, happy stuff, almost everything about their gay life. Literally, a gay personal blog and lifestyle.

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