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Things That I’ve Learned On Our 21 Months Of Marriage

Today, we’re celebrating our 21 months of getting married here in the US and of course, I’ve learned a lot of things already since we jumped into this gay life of being a married couple.

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This is just to tell you all that even though we have all the time in the world, it’s better if we will use this wisely. JORD Wood Watch…

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David’s Last Play at Prescott Junior High: Wizard of Oz

David’s been a huge part of the growth of students at Prescott Junior High. He is irreplaceable. This play- Wizard of Oz is not going to be the last.

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Blog Report (My First 100 Days in Blogging)

Hello to our lovely viewers! From our family, friends, friends of friends, virtual friends, all types of friends- David and I just want to say hi to you all, and we want to say, "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING US, AND WE LOVE YOU ALL, TOO!". Since I started this blog...

LDR is Real

Today, I remember my first days here in California to be with my husband, David. From my arrival, to meeting his dogs, Vita and Smeagle, and meeting his family & friends. I arrived last year on the night of January 16th, my husband put a ring on it when we saw...

13 Great Tools In Blogging

Tools that I am using for this blog? Yes, I have tools that I am using to work on this blog. I do even have my top 6 that I can recommend for you, especially if you're new to blogging like me. I don't know why, but they are super cool and helpful for me. At first, I...

4 Reasons To Blog – (Why G&D is blogging)

"G&D, why are you guys blogging?" As a gay couple, David and I have set some goals, and with planning we have turned our dreams into action. Yes, it is your dream and your goal to be happy, but what is it that makes you happy? Consider your happiness...at the end...

The Clairvoyants Live – Modesto, California

Have you seen creepy, scary, yet cool and amazing mentalists? Ha! You must have heard Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass of THE CLAIRVOYANTS! Last year's 2nd place winner in this biggest talent show in the world, the America's Got Talent. Van Tass and Ten were awarded...

My Blog Prompts (List Of Blog Prompts To Write)

Today, I'm going to share about blogging thing. Yes, like how I (or for newbies out there like me) can write posts. And you should take it seriously, from a newbie like me. Like, I swear! And don't worry, I'm going to do my best to do this in a monthly basis. Well,...

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G & D, an older and younger gay married couple, who shares their stories and experiences, thoughts, happy stuff, almost everything about their gay life. Literally, a gay personal blog and lifestyle.

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